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In the retail market consumers make choices based on quality and value for money. Our consumer products are very competitive on both counts.

For multiple retailers, wholesalers, large stationery chains, smaller stationers, diy outlets and art and craft shops, Ultratape offers an extensive range of adhesive tapes, dispensers and general packaging products for both home and office.

At Ultratape we also appreciate the important role presentation plays in fulfilling customer expectations, so we work closely with retailers to produce appropriate packaging solutions for the most effective marketing of our products. These can either be delivered in bulk or provided in any customised packing for your wants e.g. shrink wrapped, pillow wrapped, etc., complete with bar codes for easy stock control. We can also supply display units for floor or counter use to enhance the presentation of the product at the point of sale.

So whether it is clear, coloured, invisible, double-sided, paper, parcel, masking, decorative or some other special purpose need, Ultratape has the answer.

Please select from the menu below to see more detailed descriptions of our product range and use our online catalogue and quote system to see just how competitive we are.

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